Ballet Pointe Shoes - Too Old To Try Pointe?

by Jennifer

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Too Old To Try Pointe?

Hi Odette,

Am I too old to try pointe? I am almost 28 and have not danced in 13 years. I just started taking lessons again, and I am in an adult intermediate ballet class. When I was younger, my mom would not let me get pointe shoes. Now that I am an adult, I regret it and really want to try them. What would you recommend for an adult dancer?

Reply by Odette

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Too Old To Try Pointe?


Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

I feel you would have to build up your strength in the technique of ballet before you can think about ballet pointe shoes. There is no rush, if you have only just started taking lessons again then take one step at a time. Secure your technique first which will include correct posture, foot alignment and core stability.
Then, after this stage, you can think about whether you are ready for pointe shoes. It is crucial you build up enough strength first so you are fully supported when you wear ballet pointe shoes. Otherwise, injuries can happen.

However, I believe pointe shoes is a possible stage for you. Even if you take things very slowly and just get that feeling of going up on pointes, that will be enough to fulfill your past hopes.

Discuss these thoughts with your teacher, as she will be able to further guide you on ballet pointe shoes.

Keep your dreams alive.

All the best,


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Thanks Odette!
by: Jennifer

I have taken ballet lessons for about a year now. I began in a beginner adult class, and am now in a intermediate adult class. I am hoping by the end of the year I can try pointe. My teacher has given me some strengthening exercises for my feet, and a physical therapist has taught me some ankle exercises as well. Thanks for your advice.


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