Ballet Pointe Shoes - Where to Dance?

by Julia

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Where to Dance?

Hi Odette!!! My names Julia and I am 11 years old. I really love to dance and I am want to start ballet because I can't stop dreaming about ballet pointe shoes. I just have one question... I really love the dance studio I am at right now but there is no pointe class so I dont know if I should change to a dance studio with a pointe class and do ballet there until I can dance on pointe shoes, or stay at my dance studio now and do ballet and when I am ready switch to another dance studio. If I want to stay at my dance studio I better think quick because the summer class sign-ups are coming soon and I need to take a summer class to learn technique. Thanks! (:


Reply by Odette

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Where to Dance?

Hello Julia,

Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

I am quite surprised that you current dance studio does not do pointe class. Even if dancers do ballet as a hobby, pointe work is a key stage for all aspiring ballet dancers.

It would be absolutely fine to stay at our current dance studio, however if you are dreaming about ballet pointe shoes then you need to study somewhere that can pursue this dream.

If you do really love the dance studio you are in at the moment, then perhaps ask about the possibility of the teachers starting a pointe class.

Even if you can not dance on pointe shoes yet, it is advisable to have a dance studio that does pointe class so that they can take care of when you will be ready.

Perhaps also discuss these thoughts with your family so they support and help with your decision.

All the best,


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