How to improve my flexibility

by Rose
(Los Vegas)

Ballet Exercises to improve flexibility

Even as a younger child I have never been able to do the splits or any other moves that have to do with flexibility. Are there any other stretches I can do to improve my un-flexibility? Thank You, I appreciate it.


Reply by Odette

To : - Ballet Exercises to improve flexibility

Hello Rose,

Thank you for coming to me, it's great to hear from you!

Your natural ability and type of joint can result to how flexible you are, but with patience, persistence and knowledge I believe you can increase your flexibility.

For you, I would focus on gentle flexibility stretches such as the splits or sitting in frogs which can open up your hips. You can also place one leg up the barre to help you sustain extra height. After class is the ideal moment to do any type of stretches because this is the time when your muscles are most warm. The warmer your muscles are, the more pliable they are.

I know you say you can't do the splits, but if you practice it every time after class whilst your muscles are warm, your muscles will gradually ease into the stretch. The main key to stretching is to maintain the stretch. It sounds simple but stretching will only ever be beneficial if you hold it. I suggest to hold any stretch for 30 seconds or so, and then gently release. It's also important to maintain your natural breathing... don't hold your breath - relax into it!

I've written some detailed pages stretching so take a look at ballet stretches and ballet stretching for more information on flexibility!

All the best,


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