Ballet Dance - Performing Skills

by Natalia
(United Kingdom)

Ballet Dance - Performing Skills

Hi Odette.
Well, I have a dance show in three weeks’ time. We are dancing to Michael Jackson's Earth Song and I am getting worried. I watched back the dvd from last year and I made a complete fool of myself. I looked totally ungraceful and I am always frightened to get out on the stage to dance. I smile and I am happy being on the stage but since I watched the dvd, my confidence in my dancing had slipped dramatically. I feel that I might go out of my skin at the dress rehearsal and the first show itself.

Do you have any tips on how to look graceful on the stage and how I can possibly build my confidence back and how to not worry before going on stage? And also how I can feel good about myself in the performance?

Thank you.

Natalia, 15


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Dance - Performing Skills

Hello Natalia,
Thank you for contacting me, I am very interested to hear from you and will always do my best to help.

Firstly, you must remember dancing never creates the same atmosphere, energy and performance from a DVD. Dancing is all about living in that moment and getting the audience to connect to your performance so they are drawn into the world of the stage. So, don’t judge yourself too harshly by DVD but you can use it as a way to help improve yourself as a dancer.

Next, you must read carefully my dancing ballet page, which gives you ALL the top pointers for perfect performance skills. It is JUST what you need!!

After this, you can take some time to reflect on your previous performance. Did you enjoy being on stage? Did you commit to every movement of dance? Did you think about performing and projecting to the audience? If you did, then that is what matters most and not so much about how you looked on the DVD.

Dancing, especially performing, should be utterly enjoyed by the dancer and create such an unforgettable feeling it doesn’t even matter about how you looked as you long as you gave it your all!!!

However, you can visually see ways to improve your performance by the helpful use of a dvd. What were you unhappy about when you watched it? If you say you look ungraceful, then spot the moments where you see this the most and practice the dance again to think about how you can be more elegant.

Keep lots of energy when you are dancing so you have dynamics and a light quality. You really have to try and be confident on stage, even if you are nervous inside. The nerves can bring positive adrenaline, but it is easy to let them affect you too much and knock your confidence. Don’t doubt yourself, but just dance! You must imagine the performance going brilliantly in your mind and think about how much you LOVE dancing.

You must bring all your feelings of joy, happiness and performance onto the stage so it becomes a part of your presence and an enjoyable part of your dancing.

If you really do love dancing, then you will feel even better about yourself on stage. Think about the music, the movement and the whole feeling of dancing on stage and you will be excited to perform again.

Above all, believe in yourself!

Best wishes,

ps. To become the best dancer you can be, learn the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page

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