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Ballet Exercises - Starting Ballet Again: -

I am going to try and get back to ballet again. The problem is, I've gained a couple pounds since I stopped taking ballet (I moved to a new place and the dance studios here a very expensive!). I'm only 14, so losing weight is something I've got no clue about. My question is, do you have any suggestions or workouts that ballerinas use to become thinner? I'm not too worried about how long it will take. It’s just much easier to dance when you’re lighter.
Thank you! -Bri.


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Exercises - Starting Ballet Again

Hello Bri,
Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you. Advice on losing weight is a very personal matter and something that is very individual to each person, but I CAN definitely give you some suggestion from experience and knowledge in the dance world!

If you really do need to loose just a few pounds, this can definitely be achieved. Check on a BMI to get a rough idea on what goal weight would be healthy for you. What you must not do, is not take things too far and go below your natural body weight.

Losing weight is much better for you on a gradual process, so the results may take a while to achieve but you will get there eventually. For you, even as you get more into ballet again you will see your body lengthen out and become leaner if you keep working hard in class.

If you still want to do some extra workouts, then pilates or yoga is excellent for shaping the body as well as strengthening your core muscles for ballet. An aerobic exercise like swimming is great to raise your heartbeat and increase your fitness for 30 minutes. You can also get super workouts on a DVD which you can see on my ballet video page.

Eating lots of healthy and nutritious foods is always a good idea if you don’t already. Eat lots of juicy fruits and crunchy vegetables, it tastes good and is great for your body too. Drink plenty of water, about 2 litres a day, and green tea is fab as well.

You are still growing at 14, so don’t do anything too drastic but simply aim to lengthen and tone your body, then you are sure to lose a few pounds if you need to.

Keep happy and healthy! :)

Best wishes,

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