Ballet Leotard
Choosing the Perfect Leotard

A ballet leotard is definite key item to get right for every dancer. You need to tick the box of many pointers before you know it's the right one to buy. Let me help you find the perfect leotard!

When choosing a leotard, the same thoughts always come in a dancer's mind - What colour should I wear? What style should I get? What suits my body type? 

Yes, you want it look and feel perfect so you can dance with confidence in a comfortable leotard.

You will wear leotards for ballet class, rehearsals and those precious auditions.

Therefore, it is an essential ballet supply and one worth spending some money on when you know you will get good use out of it.



Which colour complements you best?

Depending on your hair colour, skin tone and natural features, some leotards can look unbeatable on you from just the colour!

I have a range of dark and light leotards, but I always like a vibrant and rich colour to feel good.

If you're going to an audition then focus on a colour that flatters you the most - you want to stand out by looking your best.


Which material do you find the most comforting?

Most leotards are made with cotton, lycra, nylon or sometimes velvet too. A lot of dancers wear cotton leotards because the fabric is very comfortable and snug, but a lot of dancers do wear nylon as well because it's cool and light.


The prices of ballet leotards really do vary depending on the brand, materials and where you buy it from. I have found some super bargains online from dance wear shops and great purchases from eBay - 

If you want to review the prices of ballet leotards on your local eBay then click here. You will be surprised at what a good bargain you can find.

I have worn the brands Plume, Bloch and Mirella all of which I recommend. I always do like to try the leotards on, so often I go into dance shops to double check the fitting and style.

Style and Design

Which style looks good on your body?

All dancers have different preferences on what compliments their own body type, so you will gradually figure it out too.

Mostly every dancer likes to have the leg line cut not too low, as they are convinced it makes the legs look shorter.

Luckily there is plenty of choice with styles to choose from in the cut, neckline and sleeve length. So, take your pick!

Here are the names of some styles which you will come across when searching for leotards -

  • Camisole Leotard (Thin, spaghetti straps)
  • Tank Leotard (Slightly thicker straps)
  • Cap-Sleeved Leotard
  • Long-Sleeved Leotard

My favourite must-have colors are black, indigo and and purple. Every dancer needs some colour in their life!

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