Ballet Leotards
The Perfect Fit

Ballet leotards is the one item you have the freedom to choose your own colour, fit and style. Every dancer wears pink ballet tights and everyone wears satin pointe shoes... but a leotard is where YOU can stand out for all the right reasons.

Just like with your own fashionable clothes, you can choose luxury leotards for different occasions. Whether your looking for a simple design for your ballet uniform, or a special style for an audition, let me guide you through how to find the perfect one.

When I first started dance at my local dance school, we had to wear a plain leotard either navy or black.

It wasn't very strict but still none of us wore bright colours or fancy designs.

Then, I entered the world of professional ballet and saw the massive choice in leotards we were allowed to wear.

I remember my ballet leotards being very expensive when I was a young student, almost a ridiculous price for a leotard! If this is the case for you and you need to find the 'set' uniform for your school, then try asking the older dancers to either sell or hand them down to you. This saves money, time and effort to search for a regular leotard.

If you have the pleasure of finding a lovely, new leotard then get your shopping brain on! There are dozens of fantastic ballet leotards online and you can really browse around to find the perfect one.


The great thing about shopping online for leotards is you can compare prices, brands and styles without visiting ALL the shops.

There is almost an unlimited amount of choice online, so you can really choose carefully to search for what you want.

I would say, the main thing you want for a perfect leotard is it to feel comfortable.

Most leotards are naturally comfortable because of the soft fabrics and easy fitting.

However, if it is slightly too small or too big then it can be a nuisance in ballet class.

You also want to check the straps of the leotard you buy. Especially with thin camisole straps, I often have to sew my straps to make them tighter. This is an easy procedure which you can do too. Just get the excess strap material that you don't need, fold it and sew at the back of the leotard.

Make sure you check at the fitting on your chest if you are able to try the leotard on. Sometimes, the leotards can be cut quite low which makes them slip down slightly when you back bend. This is not what we want, since it will only make you conscious when you dance.

Even though shopping online is so tempting to buy everything, I do like to try the leotards on which often means a trip to the dance shop.

It is important how the leotard feels on your body and fitting is the most important part to me.

There is always a few little moves I do when I try a new leotard on first to see if it passes the test or not!

First, I look at the leg cut and see if fits nicely around my hips. Next, I ALWAYS do a back bend and dance around to make sure it doesn't slip down on my chest.

I do some side bends and port de bras to check it doesn't move around or restrict my movement.

Finally, I take one final look from a full length mirror both close and at a distance... then, I decide if it's worth buying or not!

So, which ballet leotards will pass YOUR test?! I hope you find a comforting, fitting and flattering leotard that makes you just want to dance!!!

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