Ballet Supplies - Cheap Pointe Shoes

by Tina

Ballet Supplies - Cheap Pointe Shoes

I am getting my Pointe shoes soon and my Mum would rather get me cheap ones, do you know any places in Sydney, Australia where I can buy cheap but good quality Pointe shoes? Thanks and I appreciate your help!

Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Supplies - Cheap Pointe Shoes
Hi Tina,

Thanks for contacting me, it great to hear from you and exciting times now you are getting your pointe shoes!

Actually, when I read your message it motivated me to update my Cheap Pointe Shoes page, so now you can have double the advice!

I have never been to Australia myself, but I expect the pointe shoe brands are basically the same as in Europe. Therefore, I do recommend Bloch Pointe Shoes to you. I know that a lot of dancer's wear Bloch in Australia, because when I entered an international ballet competition nearly all of the Australian dancer's wore Bloch pointe shoes!

Bloch are excellent quality and in terms of cost, there are often better prices online. You could always look for your second pair online once you know the style and sizing from your first pair.

Like I say on my cheap pointe shoes page, I do advise for you to get your first pair personally fitted at a dance store. This way, you know you are in safe hands to find the exact size and style suited to your foot.

In dance shops, the prices are quite standard so they will probably be the same in each store. However, it is always worth ringing each shop near your area to check out the prices.

Remember, your first pair is one of the most important so you must take care to get the right ones. They might not be super cheap, but you can learn how to make the shoes last longer which result to cutting the costs!

Best wishes,

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