Ballet Tutus
The Perfect Costume

Ballet tutus are a huge part of a dancer's life for performances, competitions and shows. If you are looking to buy a ballet costume, or just looking to find out more, then you have come to right place.

There are hundreds of styles and designs for ballet costumes and tutus. For each different ballet performance such as Swan Lake or Nutcracker, the tutu is unique and have many embellishments and decoration.

When I was a young dancer, I remember putting on my first professional tutu for Coppélia.

I was dancing the solo 'Dawn' and the tutu was pale pink with gold diamonds and the most delicate decoration.

It was such a special feeling to put on that beautiful tutu and dance in it for the first time. I began to feel like a true ballerina.

Performance Tutus

ballet tutus

Next time you watch a ballet performance at the theatre, you will begin to notice more how much the costumes really make a difference. The tutu in a performance is especially designed to suit the role and enhance the character.

If you think about the Bluebird tutu from Sleeping Beauty, it always has hints of blue with delicate wing or feather decoration to represent a bird.

The costume provides the energy, style and look of the dance. Although the tutus are gorgeous and beautiful, there is also much more meaning hidden behind every tutu then we initially think.

Finding Your Tutu

If you are at a local dance school or need to find your own ballet tutu, then let me give you some suggestions.

Firstly, you want the tutu to be ideally matched to your measurements. Professional dancers go for fittings regularly to check every part of their costume fits correctly.

This is important because if the tutu doesn't fit, it can be uncomfortable and not as flattering on your proportions.

Don't forget, tutus can be hard to find and generally quite expensive.

If you find any cheaper alternatives then please contribute to the Cheap Tutus Discussion.

ballet tutus

Tips on Tutus

  • Don't forget to think carefully about the style, material, colour, accessories and the fitting.
  • You want the tutu to fit perfectly so it does not restrict your movements when you dance.
  • Make sure you store your tutu well to keep the shape and also in good condition.

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