Ballet Videos
Watch Your Inspiration

Ballet videos are ALL over the internet, on youtube and on DVD. You can keep inspired by your most-loved ballet and keep in shape by the best ballet workout. Anything you want to see, you can discover the possibilities right here.

You don't have to wait until your next ballet class to find inspiration.

You can watch ballet videos on nearly every type of performance and exercise that there is in ballet.

If you want to find a solo or variation that you need to learn or you want to watch, then go to youtube and everything you need is there!

Ballet Performances

ballet videos

The Royal Ballet is full of 100 of the world's greatest dancer's and has globally become one of the most foremost ballet companies.

The renowned Royal Ballet have a glorious production of Nutcracker that showcase the most finest dancing and beautiful music, all of which you have have on DVD.

The Nutcracker is not only one of the greatest ballets, but it is full of magic, delight and magnificent dancing.

It tells the story of a young Clara who is transformed into a fantasy world when one of her Christmas toy's comes to life; her precious Nutcracker.

Ballet Workouts

One of the most famous things a ballet dancer is recognized for is her long, lean muscles and elegantly placed posture. Therefore, the demand for ballet video workouts is greatly increasing and there are many DVDs for you to enhance your strength with.

New York City Ballet have created a workout DVD in two volumes to both stretch, strengthen and tone the body.

Dancers train day in and day out to master the technique of ballet, all of which helps create this sculpted ballet body.

Darcey Bussell has also produced a 'Pilates for Life' DVD where she personally guides you through her key exercises and tips for maintaining a strong, lengthened body.

Dancers spend hours perfecting the look and line of their bodies, all to the tiniest detail and it becomes a natural habit to work their body like a tool.

The exercise program for dancers include a daily ballet class, body conditioning, pilates and even aerobic workouts too.

Ballet Films

The world of ballet has become an intriguing and fascinating art form that many types of media have become interested in. There are films, books and DVDs all of which focus on the close reality of ballet dancers.

The famous films associated with ballet include The Red Shoes, Black Swan and Ballet Shoes. The Black Swan resulted in a huge reaction from both the audience and ballet dancers from the world debating if that was the real truth of a ballet dancer's life.

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