Ballet Workout
For Your Ballerina Physique

A ballet workout can help you achieve the idolized ballerina physique and spur you on to create long, lean and strong muscles. However, you have work the right way to see your body lengthen out, so listen to my top tips on sculpting that ballet body.

The French have a saying, "to feel good in your skin"... and that is how ballet can feel. Even though it is incredibly hard work, you feel your whole body glowing because of the great satisfaction it brings.

Ballet is not only a superb workout for your body, but it puts you in a good mood too.

What more could you want than dancing to beautiful music and working out your body?!

Well, ballet can bring that satisfaction and produce results on your body if you work hard enough.


There is not much that a ballet workout does not do for your body. It targets your core strength and leg muscles, as well as working on your back and arms. It corrects your posture and improves your co ordination.

However, just like with any form of exercise, the success of it depends on your enthusiasm for it. If you want good results, you have to persevere.

This is especially true with ballet, because mostly all of your progress depends on how hard you work and how much you want to commit.

That is why dancers have to be very self-motivated and full of determination.


Ballet is tough. In a ballet class, you will place your body in positions that do not feel comfortable and you will feel yourself loosing strength to hold your leg for any longer.

At many points in ballet, it feels almost to easy to give up.

However, if you push past this point and grit your teeth to do it that is how you can improve. You have to work your body 110% to come even close to achieving dancer's physique.

My personal tip is to always keep a feeling of length and space through your body. You have to keep elongated and imagine something is pulling you up and up, like you are going to touch the sky or there is a string holding you upwards.

One of my teachers told me this and it made no sense at first. But as I started applying this feeling of lifting up, I visibly saw my body lengthen out.


Remember, you must breathe when you are dancing, because this helps release the tension from your muscles and gives you that extra bit of push in a hard exercise.

Practice, work hard and go for it. The harder you work, the better you will feel and the more you will progress.

So, push past your tired point and get the most out of every ballet workout!

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