Sleeping Beauty Ballet
A Golden Story

Sleeping Beauty ballet is a story carried across the globe and a performance admired by many. The ballet is full of enchanted characters and passionate dancing ... all you could ask for in a classical ballet and traditional tale.

Ballet companies all over the world perform Sleeping Beauty. The original choreography is by Marius Petipa and Tchaikovsky’s music score, yet this was back in 1890, so many choreographers have recreated their own version of the beautiful ballet.

The story of Sleeping Beauty ballet tells a tale about a beautiful princess called Aurora.

At Aurora's very first birthday party, she gets cursed by an wicked fairy Carabosse.

Soon, Aurora falls into a deep asleep and the only way Aurora can be woken is with a true loves kiss.

The Story of Sleeping Beauty Ballet

sleeping beauty ballet

In the magical Kingdom, there lives fairies of all different kinds. The Lilac Fairy protects the Kingdom and she joins the other fairies to celebrate the birth of Princess Aurora.

Each fairy performs a unique solo and each one gives their blessing the baby Aurora. However, there is also a wicked fairy named Carabosse.

The evil Carabosse makes a dramatic entrance at the gathering and declares a curse for Princess Aurora. On Aurora's sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger and die.

Everyone is shocked and outraged, but the Lilac Fairy cannot free Aurora of this curse completely and all she can do is put Aurora into a deep sleep instead of dying.

The years go by and the spell is not forgotten. When the time comes for Aurora's sixteenth birthday, Carabosse plays an evil trick on Aurora.

Carabosse disguises herself to not be recognized at the party and presents a gift to Aurora. To everyone's shock, Aurora pricks her finger by this gift and Carabosse reveals herself.

Aurora feels faint and dizzy before falling into the deep sleep. No one knows when Aurora will wake up.

sleeping beauty ballet

Time and time passes before a handsome young prince, Florimund, finds his way to Aurora and instantly falls in love with the beautiful princess.

Prince Florimund gazes at Aurora's peaceful expression and leans over to gently kissed her. Aurora's eyes gently open and she wakes up from her deep sleep.

The spell is broken and the castle was filled with laughter and music, whilst everyone celebrates Prince Florimund and Princess Aurora being united together.

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