Workout Apparel
Update Your Dance Wardrobe

Workout apparel can make you feel and look good, as well as being up to date with all the latest trends. You want your clothes to be light and fitting, as well as stylish and flattering.

For ballet dancers, the clothes we wear is essential to keep our bodies warm and prepared for every class. As legendary ballerina Darcey Bussell once said, "Dancers love to sweat. It lubricates the machinery."

Ballet dancers are kitted out from head to toe in workout apparel.

Your clothes no longer have to be centered around a plain leotard and a pair of pink tights.

Dance wear is like an entire fashion in itself, you can have as much choice as you like in all sorts of sizing, colors and materials.

Ballet dancers are always well wrapped up in workout clothes all day long. They go from class to class and rehearsals to performance, so if anyone knows how to keep their bodies warm and ready; it is a professional ballet dancer.

workout apparel

Dancers love to have woolen warm-ups, tracksuits and light clothing for each day of dancing. The specialized dance brands include Bloch, Capezio, Plume or Dansez are all of which you can almost always finding a great bargain online. There are endless amounts of choice.

Whether it is tracksuits, hoodies or leggings you can browse the web until your heart's content. What's more is you can also buy the ideal sort of workout apparel from trendy fashion stores like Sweaty Betty or American Apparel.

Even H&M have a great range of sportswear which you can create into the perfect form of dance wear. Fashion, is about being creative remember!

workout apparel

First things first your workout clothes should be durable, breathable and comfortable. This means getting a lightweight material that won't add bulky layers to your outfit.

Next, you want COLOUR to your outfit. You will be surprised how a colour can lighten up your day or bring compliment to how you look.

For dancers, it is the leg warmers, crop tops and cardigans that you will mostly find in their dance wardrobe. The knitted material is a favourite and this one comes in all types: shorts, trousers, socks and tops.. you name it.

Dancers do give it a great thought to the accessories and clothing they wear to their ballet classes, so you need to make sure your wardrobe is kitted out with the right clothing too!

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