Ballerina Clipart
The Story behind the Paintings!

Ballerina clipart is the staple artwork for aspiring ballerinas, dancers and young girls. I remember being shipped off to the Royal Ballet School and my duvet cover was covered in pink with ballerinas. Years later, I have grown up from that budding ballerina and now creating artwork from the beautiful ballerinas I'm surrounded with everyday.

From photographs to painting, I love to capture the moments I live through artwork.

It started through the lense of the camera and now it's the stroke of my brush.

Through my business, I use watercolours to paint ballet dancers across the world and share with you in beautiful greeting cards and prints.

There's a story behind every painting of mine and each one brings a precious memory. Whether it is a performance, costume or dancer, I have a collection which I would love to share with you....

Cleopatra at Northern Ballet

My Cleopatra pieces are one my most memorable and popular paintings. It was featured in British VOGUE (June 2014) and has the most powerful memories. I remember standing in the wings at this exact moment and watching these beautiful dancer's in my company from the final Pas de Deux of Cleopatra.

The two dancer's are based on stunning Martha Leebolt and Kenneth Tindall, from the wonderful ballet of Cleopatra. Nothing could capture this moment more vividly than the memory in my mind, so it makes it very special to have the reminder from this painting.

Tamara Rojo of English National Ballet

Tamara Rojo is a famous ballerina and personally one of my biggest dance icons. She huge figure in the ballet world and it's amazing how you can become so attached to someone you don't even know, but I find her so inspiring, not only in her phenomenal dancing but her motives and ambitions too.

Tamara is a principal ballerina in the Royal Ballet and English National Ballet, as well as achieving an Artistic Director status at English National Ballet. She is a 'business ballerina' and has the skills to be such a delicate, pure ballerina yet have such a powerful and strong business mind.

Maria Kochetkova of San Francisco Ballet

Maria Kochetkova is Russian ballerina and principal with San Francisco ballet, who has a huge social media presence which gives a marvellous insight into her daily life as a top professional ballet dancer.

I love Maria Kochetkova for her breathtaking dancing, which I've only had the chance to watch online via clips and videos, but I still grasp every aspect of her as a dancer and how inspiring she is.

Her daily posts and updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook allows you follow her journey and get a sense of her fun, quirky personality. 

Now, when you take a look at my gallery, you will see each painting has a big importance to me and huge inspiration to why I created that piece. Enjoy!

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