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Ballet Clipart is a fantastic way to collect your favourite ballet images and treasure the artwork you love. I'm not surprised ballerinas have become such an icon for artwork and clipart, because they are beautiful in every way!

On this page, I will share some of my own ballet pictures and explain how ballet has inspired my passion as an artist. Through my career as a professional ballet dancer, I have gradually built up my artistic skills and now have a business in painting beautiful ballet dancers from across the world.. as well as this wonderful site which is dedicated to helping aspiring dancer's everywhere.

When I became a professional ballet dancer, I had an overwhelming sense of excitement to capture every moment I could!

So, I did!

I took my SLR camera around with me on my first professional job to iconic places like Paris, Venice, Belgium... soaking in every precious moment.

The ballerina photos you see around the site are exactly from these moment. They are real, true times from the life of a dancer and what goes on everyday both on stage and off! They make wonderful ballet posters!

My artistic passion has also developed into painting since I started my career in ballet. I started to paint the dancer's around me, capturing the essence of the dance world and ballerina clipart. My memories from performances, rehearsals, costumes all began to come alive again which is what helped brought the idea for

Now, I have painted many professional ballet dancers from across the world and they all take great pleasure in having a special moment re-created through one of my paintings.

Ballet Clipart

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If you go behind the scenes of a ballet production it looks entirely different to what you see on stage. There are technicians moving the scenery, dancers huffing and puffing, wardrobe ladies rushing around with costumes.

The legendary company, Ballet Russes, combined new dance, art and music which created an immense sensation around the world.

The Ballet Russes believed in the collaboration of great artists. The director, Diaghilev, gave a complete new energy to performing arts and formed revolutionary artists including contemporary choreographers, composers, artists, and dancers.

In a ballet company, this artistic collaboration is more common than any other. As you grow to a professional dancer, you see how many artists from all different fields come together to produce a ballet.

You will find that talented dancers are good at not just dancing. They are true artists and naturally very driven people, so they are able to explore their hidden talents.

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