Barefoot Books
The Magical Creation

Whilst ballet uses artistic dance to communicate expressive and moving performances, Barefoot books uses a story to create deep and lasting connections.

Art brings beauty, enjoyment and passion for everyone around us. Bare foot books is a true example of another influential art form that exists within our world. It is an inspiring creation and, like ballet, uses the artistic harmony to produce an imaginative, flourishing community.

Barefoot books produces a variety of crafted children's books, CDs and gifts. They demonstrate the valuable ability of collaborating the arts and produces diverse creations.

The powerful stories are just the foundation to creating a connection within families and communities. When you delve deeper, you see the genuine care and devotion they have to inspire the minds of children by celebrating the arts and exploring further into all of our creative gifts.

Barefoot involves a global community of writers, artists, storytellers and musicians who drive off each other's talents to produce expressive works of art. Yet Barefoot books not only involves great artistic talents, it encourages everybody to believe in their community and follow their passion to inspire young children. They have created a global message to explore, imagine and create which is inspiring to all eyes.

Barefoot books was created by two mothers who had a passion to give their children inspiration through creative, meaningful books. They had a vision to enlighten the imagination of young minds whilst also forming a sense of love and respect for our world.

These two mothers, Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland, brought their ideas to life in 1992 and has since created a global community of people who aspire to pursue their passion too and share the creation of art.

Barefoot books is an independent children's publisher who have created a world-wide community. They are based in Bath, UK and Cambridge, Massachusettes, USA. They create a diverse range of children's books which relate to our culture, group and society. Therefore, they not only give a magical story but a sense of understanding and insight to our universal wisdom.

They have the clear intention to encourage young children through their imaginative books, yet what they produce is so much more than just a book. It is a magical treasure that does more than meets the eye.

Their books melt into your heart by giving not only enlightening stories and insightful art, but a clear set of core values which shine through each one of their creations.

Their core values are to imagine, explore, create, connect and give back. They encourage the importance to make-believe, which is also an essential element for all dancers. When we dance, we have to allow our imagination to be free. Especially in ballet stories like Sleeping Beauty Ballet, ballerinas have to truly imagine they are a beautiful princess who is waiting for their true loves kiss.

Dancers also have to explore; we have to explore the sights of our world and build visions of greater perspective. We have to gain greater insight in ourselves to express our visions and communicate our emotions.

Like Barefoot books believe in the power to nourish a creative spark in everyone, dancers can strive for the importance of exploring their creative gifts. Let it be dance, music, paintings, stories; we all can express our artistic talents and give the world our diversity.

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