French Sole Shoes
Ballerina Fashion Flats

French Sole Shoes are famous for designing one of the world's most stylish ballet flats. The brand was founded by Jane Winkworth, whose passion for ballet brought a love to life by designing her very own ballet footwear.

The shoes are stylish, comfortable and classic. Since 1982, they have become world renowned and offer over 500 different styles of ballet flats.

Ballet became a great influence for Winkworth when she decided to set up a company on ballet style footwear.

She grew up in a background of art, painting and design.

She adored the ballerinas style shoes.

Her first love was ballet and she was inspired by the charm of ballerinas.

French Sole Shoes

Winkworth was particularly inspired by the dancer, Jospehine Baker, who was the first black dancer at the Folies Bergere in Paris. She loved the beaded ankle cuffs which Baker wore with her ballet shoes. 

Jospehine  Baker was a key figure in the process that led to the understanding of African dance as an art form to be taken as seriously as ballet. 

Baker was American dancer who was also a singer and actress.  She was most famous for her roles in burlesque forms of dancing and is an artist who was extraordinarily innovative and undoubtedly skilled.

Ballet dancers have become a heritage style for fashion. The ballet flats have been transformed into the fashion industry to create unique trends. The ballerina shoes are now recognized globally as a true "Fashion Classic".

French Sole Shoes

French Sole Shoes have been recognized by high-end fashion magazine Vogue and Glamour, becoming known as the‘Best Ballet Flats Around'.

Ballerina flats have been worn by celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and Reese Witherspoon. 

They have even been worn by a Princess Diana of Wales, who says she loved the shoe for its simplistic style.

If you want to join the trend too, then treat yourself to ballerina flats and walk in style to your next ballet class!

French Sole Shoes

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