Joffrey Ballet
America's Diverse Dance Company

Joffrey Ballet is classically trained to the highest standards and has become one of the most recognizable arts organizations in America. The company are full of 42 talented dancers from around the world including Cuba, Spain, England and America itself.

The company were the subject of Robert Altman's film, "The Company"(2003). Most of the roles were played by real-life company members and include stories taken from the actual dancers and choreographers.

The company continues to be a success, becoming one of the top ballet companies in the world.

The dancers perform a diverse repertoire performing both classical and contemporary pieces.

They have worked the most legendary choreographers including Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp and George Balanchine.

Joffrey Ballet

General Information

Name: Joffrey Ballet

Year Founded: 1956

Founders: Robert Joffrey, Gerald Aprino

Current Artistic Director: Ashley C. Wheater

Location: Chicago, USA

Official Website:

Brief history

In 1956, Robert Joffrey and Gerald Aprino formed a six-dancer group that toured the country, performing original ballets that were created by Robert Joffrey.

Aprino guided the group across America's heartland and settled down in New York City, initially with the name, Robert Joffrey Theatre Ballet.

The 1960s and 1970s were a golden era for the company. The renowned choreographer Alvin Ailey was invited to make a work for the company.

Soon, the company had made its debut as the Joffrey Ballet and were invited to become City Center's resident ballet company.

In 1995, the company left New York City and moved to Chicago to establish a permanent residence. They struggled financially for the first few years and very nearly had to shut down.

However, their performance began to attract larger and younger audiences resulting in a revolutionary change. In 2005, the company successfully celebrated its 10th anniversary in Chicago.

Joffrey Ballet


In August 2008, the company moved into its first permanent home named the Joffrey Tower. It is located in Chicago and has a new facility for the Academy of Dance, their official School, to be situated in the same place.

Associated Ballet School

The Academy of Dance is the official school of the company. Officially opening in January 2009, the school offers well-rounded dance curriculum to students of all ages, levels and backgrounds.

The Academy has many different programs and provides tuition for professional dance, developing the students into diverse and individualistic artists.

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