Pointe Dance
How To Survive in Your Pointe Shoes

Pointe dance can often feel like a real challenge for young dancers. It is learning process and you have to overcome your worries to dance beautifully in your pointe shoes.

You will be glad to hear that every graceful ballerina goes through their ups and downs with pointe shoes. Pointe work can fill your mind with questions, doubts and confusion that sets every dancer longing for the answer.

It is not as troublesome as it sounds, but dancing on pointe dance does take a lot of patience and care to reach success.

I certainly had my fair share of frustrations when I was trying to find the ideal pair of shoes.

I tried 4 different brands of pointe shoes before finding my perfect pair.

Everyone knows that you must find your perfect fit for pointe dance, but sometimes it is more knowing how and why that is the question.

Not having the right pointe shoes can spiral into many problems that leave you really unsatisfied with your pointe shoes, and your dancing. It is very true that your pointe shoes can make a big difference to how you dance.


As a professional ballet dancer, I was constantly searching for MORE ways to achieve ultimate satisfaction in my pointe shoes.

My first pair of pointe shoes were BLOCH Aspiration. When I went to train at the Royal Ballet School in London, we all got fitted with Freed pointe shoes. I mainly stayed with Freed throughout my training, although I did change a lot along the way trying out 3 other brands! Including Gaynor Minden, Bob Martin and different types of BLOCH pointe shoes.

Although I did search for countless pairs of pointe shoes to find my perfect pair, it did make me realise what exactly I wanted in a pointe shoe.

I wanted my pointe shoes to be strong and supportive, whilst fitting all my toes securely in the box. One big factor for me was to make sure the shoes did not slip off my foot at the heel. Although one big tip is to put rosin on your tights/ shoes to make them grip to your heels!

After years of experimenting, I was persistent enough to find in the best shoes that I could ever ask for.

My pointe shoes are custom made by Freed. Of course, there are always more details and errors you can correct in your pointe shoes, but I found the perfect fit which what is most important for every dancer.

To start with, it is not good for your feet to be squashed into shoes that are too small or too wide and it can lead to bunions more easily. Also, you are more exposed to blisters if the fitting is incorrect.


Most importantly, your pointe shoes can affect your dancing hugely. Even when your pointe shoes are just too old or too soft it can make you feel completely to when you have the right pointe shoes on.

You know when your pointe shoe is 'the one' when it looks flattering on your foot, feels supportive and lets your toes be comfortably spread out.

This is just a quick starter to survive in your pointe shoes, but there is much more for you to learn. Keep reading through my site!

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