Rob Ryan
The Amazing Artist

Rob Ryan is one of the favourite artists for ballet dancer, Olivia Holland. Since Olivia produces so many photographs and artwork for Ballet Dancers Guide, I decided to find out more on her love of this artist's work.

Rob Ryan is a British artist who specializes in drawing and painting. His work is famed for his intricate paper cuts which have become a sensation around the world.

Ryan uses both art and literature to express a moving and fascinating creations.

When you first see his work, you will be captured by the fine detail and unique style in what he creates.

He produces jewelry, greeting cards, as well as illustrations.


Inside Olivia's World

Why ballet dancer, Olivia Holland, loves the artwork of ...

"Rob ryan is one of my favourite artists. I have a bit of a collection, which I would be happy to expand more! I have a mug, plate, book... and always looking at the new things he creates.

I have 'accidently' visited the shop in London, 126 Columbia Road. I say it was by accident, because even though I knew he had a sort of exclusive shop in London, it is actually situated by the beautiful Columbia Flower Market which I went to visit with my sister. Then, when I stumbled across the main shop it was a happy coincidence!

You can almost find his work anywhere though. It is online, from ebay, or even in stores like Bloomsbury where I love to shop.

What I love about his work is the meaning and story he creates behind each little piece of artwork.

It is expressive and quirky, with simple phrases or words that just sum up the feeling behind whole picture.

I was given the book, "The Gift", as a present which is a collaboration with the poet Carol Ann Duffy.

It is a beautiful book, not just by the way it looks, but the touching story too. It is short and sweet, which presents the cycle of life. It explores themes of birth, death, love and the importance of family and friends.

There's nothing not to like about his work. It certainly inspires me and each time I catch a glimpse in a shop, or online, I feel a buzz of inspiration."

So, if there is something for everyone - necklaces, brooches,  greeting cards, illustrations - why not take a look and start your collection now too!

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