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About - the author of Ballet Dancer's Guide

Who is behind the Ballet Dancer's Guide - find out who wrote these pearls of wisdom and why they chose toe share

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Ballet Dancer's Guide, Follow Your Dreams

Ballet Dancer's Guide is a one-stop friendly wealth of important information, written by a person who really knows.

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Ballet Dancer Tips for Aspiring Dancers

Learn these ballet dancer tips and they will become your calling card for success in professioanl dance. If you can develop these skills you will succeed

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Ballet Positions - The Essential Basics of Ballet

Ballet positions are the very first step to mastering the basics of ballet. The most important five main positions will be carried with you throughout your dancing.

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Ballet Pointe Shoes - All You'll Ever Need To Know

Ballet Pointe Shoes is the moment every young ballerina hopes to reach. It takes practice, patience and persistence to dance effortlessly on pointe but it is possible!

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Dance Auditions - Pursue Your Dancing Dream!

Got major dance auditions coming up? Preparing to find a job in dance? Let me guide you so you can pursue your ambition to make ballet your career!

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Swan Lake Ballet - Romance, Drama and Beauty

Swan Lake ballet is one of the most loved classical ballets, for both the dancers and the audience. It is full of beauty and passion, as well as story and magic.

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Pointe Dance - How to Survive in Your Pointe Shoes

Pointe dance can feel like a real challenge for all young dancers. It is learning process and you have to overcome your worries to dance beautifully in your pointe shoes.

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Personal Development Plan - Your Dream Ballet Profession!

This personal development plan gives you a step by step guide to what it takes to become a professional dancer. You can see the process and get an idea to whether you could pursue your dream career.

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Nutcracker Ballet - The Magical Story

Nutcracker ballet is a world-loved story that is performed by famous ballet companies all across the globe. It is a Christmas special and one that will leave you enchanted and excited.

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New York City Ballet - Leading American Company

New York City Ballet is a company any young dancer would be completely inspired by. It's high recognition and global success makes this company one worth knowing about.

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History of Ballet - From the Very Beginning

History of ballet has developed elegantly through the centuries. Since it very first began, it has expanded and formed traditions that are still present with us today.

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History of Ballet Eras - A Timeless Journey

History of Ballet goes back 600 years and it has been a journey of change, development and new eras. Discover the 7 distinct eras in ballet history and be fascinated by the contrasting times in ballet

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Firebird Ballet - The Enchanting Story

Firebird ballet is a story full of magic and love. It tells the story of Prince Ivan's journey to win the heart of his princess but first, he has to get past the evil magician, Kostcheï.

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Famous Ballet Dancers - The Most Legendary Dancers

There are famous ballet dancers around the world who have become absolute legends in ballet. The dancers on this page have all lead their way to success to become a renowned ballet dancer.

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Famous Ballerinas - The Five Worldwide Names

Here is a list of FIVE famous ballerinas who have reached the very top of the ballet profession. They are recognized throughout the world and have become international stars.

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Dancing Ballet - Become a Star Dancer

When dancing ballet, your technique is not EVERYTHING you must have. What makes a star ballet dancer is their presence, personality and performance. Discover now how you can get that the 'wow' factor!

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Cheap Pointe Shoes - Cut the Costs

Cheap Pointe Shoes can be hard to find, because they are generally expensive. However, there is a way to find different prices if you know HOW and WHERE to look for your next pair of pointe shoes.

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Career Development Plan - Can You Become A Ballet Dancer?

A career development plan could be all you need to pursue your dream profession. Let me guide you through the ways to make your goals a reality.

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Black Pointe Shoes - Choose Your Colour

Black Pointe Shoes are needed for many ballet performances. If you need to supply your own pointe shoes in a different colour, then discover the possibilities here!

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Basic Ballet Steps - The Key Tips and Tricks

Basic ballet steps are for every single dancer out there. You may learn these basics right at the beginning, but you will hold onto them forever and practice them in every single ballet class.

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Ballet Tutus - The Perfect Costume

Ballet tutus are a huge part of a dancer's life for performances, competitions and shows. If you are looking to buy a ballet costume, or just looking to find out more, you have come to right place.

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Ballet Terms - Simple, Easy and Clear

Here is an A to Z glossary of ballet terms. If there is a certain word you need to figure out in ballet, then here you will find the ultimate dance dictionary.

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Ballet Terminology - Simple, Easy and Clear!

Ballet terminology is an important part for every dancer to learn. If you need some help then look here and you will find an A to Z glossary of ballet terms.

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Ballet Supplies - The Basics and the Essentials

Ballet supplies are absolutely necessary for every single dancer. Without leotards, shoes, tights and accessories we would be stripped bare of all our essentials!

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Ballet Stretching - How To Become More Flexible

Ballet stretching is absolutely necessary to every dancer and there can be many things to prevent you from getting more flexible. Find out WHY and HOW you can improve your stretches.

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Ballet Stretches - Essential Tips on Stretching

Ballet stretches are an important part of every ballet dancer's routine. It is possible to improve your flexibility with the right practice, but you must know HOW and WHY before you start.

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Ballet Stories - The Greatest Ballets

Ballet stories are brought to life by the dancers on stage in a performance at the theatre. Together with the music and costumes, the traditional tales bring magic to the stage.

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Ballet Pictures - Your Fabulous Dancing Gallery

Take a glance at the most exclusive ballet pictures from a real, professional ballet dancer. Take a step into the world of ballet...

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Ballet Leotard - Choosing the Perfect Leotard

Looking for a ballet leotard is important to every dancer. Let me guide you through the essential elements to help you choose the perfect leotard!

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Ballet Jumps - Leap Your Way to the Top!

Ballet jumps are an exciting, thrilling and impressive part of ballet. Every dancer wishes to dazzle the eyes of the audience, so start now and improve your leaps.

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Ballet Girls and Thrillers -DARK TURNS by Cate Holahan

Ballet girls are in a world of their own when it comes to the dedicated life a dancer. Here, I discuss with author Cate Holahan about the world of ballet and her new thriller book DARK TURNS.

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Ballet Flat Shoes - Pretty and Popular

Ballet flat shoes are worn not just by dancing ballerinas, but also women all over the world. Yes, these shoes are a staple item for both the woman and the ballerina.

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Ballet Exercises - Shape Your Body Now

Ballet exercises can shape your body and produce long, lean muscles. If you work the correct muscles, you could see your body lengthen and strengthen.

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Ballet Dictionary - Simple, Easy and Clear!

Here is an A to Z ballet dictionary. It's all you'll ever need to know!

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Ballet Dancers - Inside The World of Dance

Ballet dancers have a very demanding life, which the outside world do not always see. They have to commit to ballet as a way of life and dedicate each day to perfecting their performance.

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Ballet Dance - The Life of a Dancer

Ballet dance is one of the most challenging forms of dancing. It has a very disciplined technique and requires grace, flexibility and control in every movement.

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Ballet Dance Wear -The Essential Supplies

Follow my guidelines on what ballet dance wear you need and you'll always be wearing the right dance kit!

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Ballet Dance Steps - Perfect Your Technique

Ballet dance steps requires quick footwork, coordination and practice! Discover the inside secrets to how you can move so effortlessly like a real ballet dancer….

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Ballet Dance Lesson - The Skills you HAVE to know!

For any ballet dance lesson, you must be aware of the certain skills that are needed. Ballet has a demanding technique, but with focus and practice you can become an even better dancer.

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Ballet Dance Costumes - Performance Tips

Ballet dance costumes bring a performance alive and make YOU feel ready to dance your heart out. If your looking for traditional tutus or long dresses, let me give you some expert advice.

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Ballet Costumes - The Wardrobe of a Dancer

Ballet Costumes bring beauty and dazzle to the stage, they are a major part of every ballet performance. Discover here, the costumes and the wardrobe of ballet dancers.

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Ballet Companies - Discover Dance Worldwide

Ballet companies are located all around the world and they perform, tour and travel to many main cities. It is the ultimate stage to reach for young, training ballet dancers.

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Ballet Clothes - What To Wear As A Dancer

Ballet clothes are a key part of your wardrobe for every dancer. It is just as important to FEEL good in your clothes as LOOK good, so lets take a closer look at the essential supplies.

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Ballet Auditions - How to Become a Professional Dancer

Ballet auditions are how EVERY single ballet dancer finds their way to become a professional. If you want to become a dancer, then listen up. Remember, PREPARATION is key!

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Ballerinas - Rising to the Top

Ballerinas are beautiful and charming, but they are full of strong determinationt too. There is a lot they have to go through to reach where that level, and they need a persistence to never give up.

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Ballerina Costumes - The Beauty in the Ballerinas

Ballerina Costumes are very special and unique. They are worn beautifully by the ballerinas and made carefully by the designers. Discover the dazzling details about costumes here.

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Ballerina Clipart - The Story behind the Paintings

Ballerina Clipart by Olivia Holland is inspired by her life as a ballet dancer and elegantly painted using watercolours.

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Audition Tips for Dancers - Top Tips for Success!

Need some audition tips to get you prepared? You've come to the right place. Listen carefully and you'll be the stand-out dancer at your audition.

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